Trivia Jockeys LIVE

Trivia Jockeys LIVE

It’s just like trivia night…but in your living room. Trivia Jockeys LIVE is an interactive, live streaming game show aimed at creating an online community to bring people together during this time of social distancing.

Click here to see the schedule for in-person trivia events.

To play Kahoot! along with us at home:

  • Download Kahoot! on your smartphone or tablet. Click here for Apple, or click here for Android.
  • On another device, access the video stream.
  • Sign up for a Twitch account if you’d like to interact with us in the chat.
  • When we start the trivia round, a “Game PIN” will be revealed on the broadcast screen. Press the “Enter PIN” button at the bottom of the app screen to log in.

You’ll need one device to watch the video stream, and a smartphone or tablet running the Kahoot app to answer questions. 

Support Trivia Jockeys via Twitch Prime!

Do you have an Amazon Prime account? We’ve reached Affiliate level on Twitch, and can now accept subscriptions. Included in all Amazon Prime subscriptions is a FREE Twitch subscription. You can help us out at no additional cost by using your Twitch Prime subscription on our channel. Here’s how, and it’s easiest if you’re already logged into both Amazon and Twitch simultaneously.

To link your Amazon Prime account with Twitch:

  • Navigate to
  • Click Activate Twitch Prime and follow the on-screen prompts to link your Amazon and Prime accounts.
  • Head back over to the Trivia Jockeys LIVE Twitch stream
  • Click Subscribe, and scroll down to find the option to use your Twitch Prime subscription.
  • Twitch Prime subscriptions renew every 30 days to watch the stream.