Trivia Jockeys is a fun and affordable activity to make any event or gathering legendary!

[service icon=”thumbs-o-up” title=”Corporate”]Looking for a fun way to review a recent training? Or maybe just a fun team building activity to break the ice? Trivia Jockeys is a great way to engage your employees and encourage them to work together.[/service][service icon=”lightbulb-o” title=”Brand Promotion”]Trivia Jockeys is the perfect way to educate guests and create a buzz for a particular brand or organization. [/service][service icon=”beer” title=”Bar Trivia/Pub Quiz”] Throw out the pens and paper, this trivia night is optimized for the 21st century![/service][service icon=”ticket” title=”Fundraisers and School Functions”] Questions can be customized to fit any theme![/service]