On-Site Trivia Events (Pittsburgh area)

Put your knowledge to the test and join us for our weekly events.

Mondays: The Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe (Bridgeville) – 7PM

Tuesdays: Urban Tap Shadyside – 8PM

Tuesdays: 5801 Video Lounge & Cafe (Shadyside) – 8PM

Tuesdays: Twelve Whiskey Barbecue (South Side) – 8PM

Tuesdays: Primanti Bros. (Oakland) – 7PM

Tuesdays: Primanti Bros. (South Side) – 7PM

Wednesdays: Big Springs Spirits – Seven Fields – 7PM

Wednesdays: Archie’s (South Side) – 8PM

Wednesdays: Mario’s Oakland Saloon – 8PM

Wednesdays: Mario’s South Side Saloon – 8PM

Wednesdays: The Yard (Shadyside) – 8PM

Thursdays: Bigham Tavern (Mt. Washington) – 8PM

Thursdays: Mario’s East Side Saloon (Shadyside) – 8PM

Thursdays: Urban Tap South Side – 9PM

Special Events

Jägermeister Cold Brew Trivia Brunch Tour

10/9 – Twelve Whiskey Barbecue @ 12PM
11/6 Bigham Tavern @ 12PM
11/7 Eon Bar and Grill @ 12PM
11/21 The Warren Bar and Burrow @ 12PM
11/21 The Vault Taproom @ 12PM
Jägermeister Cold Brew features at ALL LOCATIONS!

More coming soon!