Virtual Events

Trivia Jockeys Virtual Events

Bringing People Together… VIRTUALLY

Trivia Jockeys creates unforgettable virtual experiences in an age where it’s not possible to gather with co-workers, friends, and family. With a variety of live-hosted, interactive games, Trivia Jockeys is guaranteed to engage your team members, all from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

All-Inclusive Online Party Packages

Trivia Jockeys virtual events are the perfect substitute for their in-person counterparts: company parties, team-building events, non-profit fundraisers, school events, bar trivia nights, and more! Each package comes with experienced planners and hosts that make executing your event stress free.

Games to Fit Any Theme

Pick from our fun and engaging games and gather your team!

Pub-Style Trivia

Players download an application on their mobile device (Android or iOS) to answer while a live Trivia Jockey asks the questions. Choose from a catalog of theme rounds and general knowledge that includes thousands of questions of varying difficulty. Rounds can be totally customized with your own questions too! See pricing.

Name That Tune

Name That Tune works very similarly to our trivia game, with players answering through a mobile app. The Trivia Jockey plays a song while asking for a piece of information about the song – such as the name of the artist, the name of the song, the lead singer of the band, etc. See pricing.


Everyone loves bingo! Our virtual bingo is easy to setup and fun for those who don’t want to think too hard. See pricing.

Are You Smarter Than…?

This is a variation of our trivia game that is perfect for corporate events and fundraisers. We quiz someone of your choosing – maybe a supervisor or celebrity – and teams try to outsmart them by beating their score. See pricing.

Scavenger Hunt

The host gives hints and players find household items to show on screen. The first team to figure out the riddle and find the item wins! See pricing.

Night at the Races (coming soon)

You’ve seen horse races…but what about turtle races? Our cartoon turtles race to the finish line to see who is #1!

Professional Hosts

Every event is hosted by a true professional that knows how to please any crowd. Trivia Jockeys do more than just read the questions – our Jockeys have a degree in witty banter and know how to engage with players.

Possibilities Are Endless!

Want to add a special presentation to your party? No problem! Show a video, poll the audience, bring in a mixologist, bring in a magician, you name it!