Jägermeister Trivia Challenge 

September 12th through October 27th

20 Participating Locations: triviajockeys.com/schedule
Attending more trivia nights increases your chance to make it to the finals!

32 Teams will advance to the Finals
$1,000 CASH PRIZE 


General Rules & Info

Registration Participating teams must register at register.triviajockeys.com. Top 32 teams with highest scores will qualify for the Finals on Sunday, November 6. 

Teams Team names must remain the same throughout the duration of the challenge including teams that play at multiple locations. Teams are limited to a maximum of 5 members per team in both qualifying rounds and the finals. 

Leaderboards Scores will be tallied and added weekly and can be found here:  win.triviajockeys.com
Advancement to the finals will depend on teams’ cumulative scores across all venues. Top 32 teams will be given first priority to RSVP for the finals. In the event of a tie, priority will be given to teams that attend the most total trivia nights. Teams are encouraged to visit multiple locations to earn more points.

Finals Qualifying teams will be contacted via email from registration sign-up. Teams will be required to purchase tickets for the finals prior to November 2nd to guarantee their spot. Tickets will be available on eventbrite.com on or after October 12th. Unclaimed spots will be offered to the next qualifying team from the Leaderboard. 

Game Rules All normal Trivia Jockeys game rules apply. Trivia Jockeys decisions are final – be it omitting questions, restarting questions, changes to bonus point scoring, etc. 1st place – 6 pts, 2nd – 5 pts, 3rd place – 4 pts, 4th place – 3 pts, 5th place – 2 pts, All teams will receive 1 point just for attending.