Jägermeister Trivia Challenge

Jägermeister Trivia Challenge


February-March 2022


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General Info & Rules

  • General
    • Trivia Challenge will last 4 weeks — qualifying rounds begin Monday February 14th, 2022, and end Thursday March 10th, 2022. To see a list of all locations, visit triviajockeys.com/schedule
      • Top 32 overall teams with the most cumulative points will advance to the finals.
      • Championship finals will occur Sunday, March 20th, 2022. Location TBA.
    • Participating teams must register via register.triviajockeys.com and purchase a ticket. The cost is $25. *Registering your team does not guarantee a spot in the finals.
    • Scores from each night will be tallied by Trivia Jockeys and loaded into the leaderboards located at win.triviajockeys.com.
  • Multiple Venues
    • Advancement to the finals will depend on teams’ cumulative scores across all venues combined. Teams are encouraged to visit multiple locations to earn more points.
  • Team Names
    • Team names must remain the same when playing at multiple venues.
  • Team Size
    • Teams are limited to 5 members in qualifying rounds and the championship. For smaller teams that advance to the championship, feel free to staff your team with up to 5 people of your choosing.
    • Due to size restrictions, qualifying teams must RSVP to finals by March 16th, 2022, to ensure seating is available.
  • Scoring
    • All normal Trivia Jockeys play rules apply. Trivia Jockeys decisions are final – be it omitting questions, restarting questions, changes to bonus point scoring, etc.
    • The overall point system will be a cumulative score.
    • Each night for each location of the trivia challenge, teams will receive the following points –
      • 1st place – 6 points
      • 2nd place – 5 points
      • 3rd place – 4 points
      • 4th place – 3 points
      • 5th place – 2 points
      • All teams will receive 1 point just for attending.
  • Championships
    • Championship round will consist of 32 teams overall from all Trivia Jockeys locations.
    • Top 32 teams will be given first priority to RSVP for the finals.
    • In the event of a tie in the top 32 teams, priority will be given to teams that attend the most total trivia nights.
    • Cumulative scores will determine who fills the remaining spots, if any.
    • All players must be 21+
  • Prizes
    • First Place: $1,000 CASH
    • 2nd Place: Prize pack
    • 3rd Place: Prize pack