Trivia Jockeys

What We Do

Trivia Jockeys is a fully customizable quiz-show game experience that is perfect for all ages. On the cutting edge of technology, Trivia Jockeys uses a mobile application that makes pen and paper trivia a thing of the past. Teams/Players download the free application on their mobile device (Android or iOS), connect to the host’s computer, and begin playing an interactive, fast-paced, engaging game that makes it nearly impossible to cheat. Questions are fully customizable and quiz rounds can be created specifically tailored to fit the theme of the event. Speed becomes a factor with various game modes, including multiple choice, buzz-in, voting, numbers, and letters. Keeping players’ adrenaline pumping, time is limited to 20-30 seconds per question and bonus points are awarded for the fastest correct answer. At this time, 64 handsets (one per team) can be connected to the application – based on 8 players per team, that is a total of 512 participants. TVs/projectors can be implemented to display the scoreboard as well as customized advertisements and images related to the event or business. Customized imagery can also be pushed to each team’s handset to further promote the event or brand. The host also announces ongoing specials/promotions, educates players on featured products, and lets players know what’s happening with the brand or account sponsoring the event.

  • Throw out the pens and paper, this trivia night is optimized for the 21st century!

  • Looking for a fun way to review a recent training? Or maybe just a fun team building activity to break the ice? Trivia Jockeys is a great way to engage your employees and encourage them to work together.

  • The perfect way to educate guests and create a buzz for a particular brand or organization.

  • Perfect for fundraisers and school functions, questions can be customized to fit any theme!

Our Team

Our Jockeys know how to entertain a crowd and have a degree in witty banter.

Anthony Renné


Thomas P. Walter


Diana Rua


Kevin Petted


Chris Stankay